Accessibility Information


ASAE is committed to providing an outstanding experience for all participants. We strive for full access to the activities of these events based on an awareness of participants' needs and appropriate planning. Accessibility accommodations relating to mobility, hearing, vision, or other areas may be provided.

We ask that requests for reasonable accommodation be made at least two weeks in advance of the event via the registration process. Onsite requests will be accommodated to the best of our ability; however, available resources may be limited.


ASAE is partnering up with HD Sunflower USA Corp - a global network, to help increase education and awareness surrounding non-visible disabilities. Stop by the main registration desks onsite, if you would like to grab a Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyard or wristband, to help encourage inclusivity, acceptance and understanding. This simple tool is for sharing that an individual may have a hidden disability voluntarily, or showing support to the cause. Learn more here.

Food Restrictions and Allergies

We ensure that ASAE events offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free food options. Buffets will have menu labels items clearly indicating ingredients and/or accommodations. Please include your food restrictions and specific allergies on your registration form.


ASAE strives to ensure that our platforms and providers are accessible. The Main Stage sessions will include live human captions. All Learning Labs will have Wordly implemented whereas you can scan a QR code, select a language for captioning and follow along in real time.

Lactation Pod

There is a secured lactation pod located in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center near Room 156.
Mamava Pod
Onsite instructions: open the pod with the code: 8008. Lock the deadbolt to maintain privacy when the pod is in use.


If you have mobility issues and are interested in renting a motorized scooter or other device, please reference this list of rental options:

Orthopaedic Mobility Rentals

Scootaround Mobility Rentals

Accessibility at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center


ASAE strives to ensure that our platforms and providers are accessible. Inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Tactile Braille signage is located in the entrances of all meeting rooms and restrooms, in addition to the inside and outside of all passenger elevators. If you require additional reasonable accommodations or have questions regarding any of the elements listed above, please email the ASAE team at


If you require additional reasonable accommodation that is not already being provided or listed above, ASAE is pleased to provide such accommodation with written notice provided at least two weeks prior to the conference. Requests can be made by emailing the ASAE team at


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